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  • 10 step-by-step videos showing you exactly how to build your cymatics plate

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  • How to play your very first plate, (even if you know nothing about cymatics or music!)

  • What kind of metal to use for your plate and how to find, drill and prepare it

  • How to find the perfect kind of stand ready-made for your cymatics plate

  • The #1 secret to getting your plate secured properly and how to make it removable

  • How to prepare the edge of your plate so that it will play the best with a bow

  • 3 top mistakes (& how to avoid them) when building your cymatics plate

  • How to treat your plate to make your cymatics patterns stand out more

  • ...and much, much more!

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BONUS #1 Step-by-step lesson on exactly how to play your cymatic plate (includes written and video instructions and the top 5 mistakes to avoid)

BONUS #2 NEW: updated design addition for your Cymatic Sounder: an addition you can make to your existing cymatic sounder that will let you create designs that are 5x larger and more complex (not included in original plans)

BONUS #3 Exclusive: complete instructions for how to make a Hand-Held cymatics device (imagine a cymatics plate that you can hold and play like a violin - this is my own secret design and I have never released instructions for this "cymatics violin" design before).

BONUS #4 How to create a "travel ready," Pro-looking instrument case for your new cymatics plate in under an hour. Again this is my own design and I have brought it overseas to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands with me with no damage to my cymatics plate (where I played it for a private audience at the home of Sir Richard Branson).

BONUS #5 The Cymatic Art Manifesto. 16-page printable ebook on the "Way of the Cymatic Artist." Previously unreleased, this is an eye-opening look into the larger philosophy behind my own cymatic art practice and the new cymatics art movement.

BONUS #6 Complimentary admission to the School of Cymatics. Become a member and student at the first online School of Cymatics for free today (but hurry and sign up right away - membership is growing and this complimentary admission will not be available forever)!

BONUS #7 Beautiful Cymatics Art poster to print and hang in your office or studio. This cymatics poster features the "iconic" early cymatics design ( the "StarCross" that is one of the original 10 cymatics art works created in my studio in Southern Vemont. (Plus, learn where to get more cymatics posters and the world's only cymatics coffee mug)...

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Shai Dannon

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- Melanie Lewis

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